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Today I slept until four in the afternoon, which isn't usual. i skyped with my friend Becca for a while, then cleaned my kitchen and made pasta with chicken and herbs. At 11 my grandma got off of work. She asked if i had some nintendo 64 games, so i took some over to let her borrow. She is probably playing mario party or donkey kong as i write this. heheh. i love her. <3

i'm about to watch 'stranger than fiction' while i try to get Luna to settle down.

have a wonderdul night.
-alex eats flowers

November 23rd, 2010
last night i had a dream there was a large amount of lightning that kept striking the exact same spot on earth. the spot eventually turned into a giant black hole that sucked everything in. it was very relaxing.... oddly. that is one way i wouldn't mind dying.  HOLLA.

November 15th, 2010
 i had a dream there was a helicopter fliying very low over my neighborhood, he started to fly away, and dropped some kind of bomb. i managed to survive but everyone else wasn't so lucky.

No Subject.
These past three months i have been telling myself i would start a journal to organize//keep track of my thoughts, and i failed miserably. i honestly do not even recall the last time i did something like this.  since i cannot find my ink pen, i have decided to make a live journal. so, hello. <3

Today, the dark rain clouds in my life have finally started to depart.  I adoped a 5 week old kitten, and she is the missing piece to my heart. She gives my day a sense of meaning now. I decided to name her Luna <3 She is so precious. it was most definitely love at first sight.
       In this past month, i have went from working 2 full time jobs, to being jobless, so i will have plenty of time to take care of Miraj. I am currently aiming for a stay at home job of some sort. Word of advice.
Living in a town with a bunch of mexicans is definitely the wrong place to be a server. I know that sounds racist, but it's only because they're all disgustingly stingy with their dollar bills. MEXICANZ SUCK AT TIPPING. :/

i've been here for over a year, and i still can't get settled in. i've left my heart in colorado, and it is there waiting for me to inhabit my body once again.
              on a brighter note; i read a theory today about the denver international airport and the new world order. it's completely convincing, i do not doubt a mass genocide will happen in the near future.
Since Barack Obama was elected president,  things just seem to be, out of place?
  Mother Earth is really in need of something abundant. <3
                                As I say, the darkest hour is always before dawn.

love, alex eats flowers.


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